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Athens, Georgia   |   Atlanta, Georgia

<strong>Your Prosperity is our Priority.</strong>

Your Prosperity is our Priority.

Welcome to Full Cup Financial, LLC, where we empower you to become good stewards of your resources. Our mission is to enhance your financial margin.

At Full Cup, we believe that when your cup is full, financially, you're better positioned to serve others and make a positive impact.

Let's work together to increase your margin and keep your cup full, so you can thrive and fulfill your purpose with abundance and generosity. Welcome to Full Cup Financial, where stewardship meets prosperity.

<strong>Who is&#160;Full Cup Financial?</strong>

Who is Full Cup Financial?

We are an independent, fee-mostly advisory firm, serving families across the Southeast United States with an emphasis on comprehensive financial planning.

Offices in Athens, Georgia & Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Clients

We maintain strategic expertise across a broad range of investor profiles.

Building Wealth

These investors are typically new to investing or are far from retirement. They're focused on growth and accumulation of assets. Our tailored strategies aim to maximize returns while managing risks, helping you build a solid foundation for your financial future.

Nearing Retirement

For investors who are nearing retirement, preserving capital and generating steady income become top priorities. Our personalized approach considers your specific timeline and risk tolerance to ensure a smooth transition into retirement, with strategies designed to safeguard your wealth while providing reliable income streams.

Living in Retirement

Retirees have unique financial needs, requiring strategies that prioritize income generation, tax efficiency, and asset preservation. Our expertise in retirement income planning helps you maintain your desired lifestyle while navigating the complexities of retirement, allowing you to enjoy financial security during your golden years.

High Net Worth

Entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals with significant assets require sophisticated wealth management solutions tailored to their complex financial situations. Our comprehensive services cater to your specific objectives, whether it's wealth preservation, tax optimization, succession planning, or philanthropic endeavors, empowering you to pursue your financial goals and leave a lasting legacy.

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If you believe you could benefit from working with a financial professional, let’s review yours goals and plans and see if we would be a good fit together.

Our Services

When was the last time you sat down and had a frank conversation about your investments and financial plan? Whether you’re an early investor or a seasoned wealth-builder, clients from all walks of life can benefit from our insight and expertise.  Utilizing the Certified Financial Planner's 6 Key Areas of Financial Planning, we will hear your wants, needs, and wishes and the design a plan specific to your needs.

Investment Management

Customized strategy to align investments with client's goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, including asset allocation, diversification, and ongoing monitoring.

Retirement and Cash Flow

Creating a roadmap to ensure clients have enough savings and income for desired lifestyle post-retirement, involving expense estimation, income planning, and investment strategies.

Risk Management and Insurance

Identifying and managing financial risks through appropriate insurance coverage for areas like life, health, disability, long term care, property, and liability.

Tax and Estate Planning

Minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing after-tax income through efficient strategies. Also, structuring assets to facilitate smooth transfer to beneficiaries while minimizing taxes and administrative costs, often involving wills, trusts, and other legal instruments.

Our Four Step Process

Get your financial journey started today!

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. No sales spiels. No product pushing.

As an independent firm, you can be comfortable knowing that the only kickbacks that excite us are our clients in a lawn chair.

Step 1 - Explore

<strong>Step 1 - Explore</strong>

We will have coffee and discuss your financial life and vision for your future. You will tell us about you and we will answer any questions you have for us.

Step 2 - Analyze

<strong>Step 2 - Analyze</strong>

We will review your information and prepare an analysis with guidance on structuring the moving pieces of your financial life, & how much (or how little) risk is necessary to pursue your dreams.

Step 3 - Recommend

<strong>Step 3 - Recommend</strong>

We will discuss specific recommendations and invite you to become a client if we believe that we can help you.  If we argree to move forward, we will begin implementing our plan together.

Step 4 - Review

<strong>Step 4 - Review</strong>

Once you become a client, we will reach out at a minimum of twice a year to schedule a review and discuss any changes in your life.  But, we are always available by phone or email to schedule appointments as needed.

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