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What You Deserve

<strong>You Deserve an Evidence-Based Approach.</strong>

You Deserve an Evidence-Based Approach.

At Full Cup Financial, we adhere to a single, evidence-based investment philosophy. We don't try to be everything to everyone; instead, we focus on what we do best, grounded in evidence, research, and humility—not emotions or speculation.

Our approach centers on a bottom-up strategy, analyzing individual companies' potential for growth and profitability. This is in an effort to build resilient portfolios that can withstand market fluctuations.

We craft diversified portfolios with an emphasis on fee and tax reduction. Through data-driven insights, we aim for reliable outcomes.

We make it our goal to practice clear communication and simplicity in explaining complex concepts. We want you to understand and feel aligned with your investment strategies.

While we can't promise returns, we strive to meet expectations and we aim for transparency in setting realistic expectations about risk and reward.

You Deserve Honesty.

Families don't choose Full Cup Financial for flashy talk. They trust us to listen and work diligently to meet their expectations.

In a world of financial uncertainty, clients rely on us to integrate their financial planning needs, including estate, risk management, tax and investment strategies with the goal of long-term success.

Think of us as your collaborative partners—working together to craft and coordinate the various areas of your financial voyage.

Our goal is to join forces with clients to define success, evaluate probabilities, and implement strategies for growth, to play a meaningful part of clients leading fulfilling and authentic lives.

<strong>You Deserve Expertise you Can Trust.</strong>

You Deserve Expertise you Can Trust.

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designation stands as a pinnacle of excellence in the financial industry. Achieving this certification entails completing a comprehensive program covering essential areas of financial planning, including estate planning, risk management, retirement planning, tax, investments and ethics.

Obtaining the CFP® designation requires dedication, with candidates undertaking extensive study and rigorous examinations. It's estimated that only a fraction of those who embark on the journey ultimately earn this prestigious credential.

At Full Cup Financial, you benefit from the expertise of John Keeble, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, who plays a pivotal role in our decision-making process, striving for you to receive the highest standard of guidance and expertise for your financial journey.

You Deserve Transparency.

At Full Cup Financial, our advisory portfolios are exclusively fee-only, with the goal of complete transparency and alignment with your best interests. Our singular focus is on you, our client. We uphold a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests, in an effort to ensure that every recommendation and decision serves your financial well-being.

However, we understand that every investor's journey is unique, especially for those just starting. For new investors beginning their financial journey, we may recommend commissionable accounts as a stepping stone.  In such cases, we may suggest mutual funds as a buy-and-hold strategy until transitioning to a managed portfolio becomes more suitable. Even within these commissionable accounts, transparency remains paramount. You'll have full visibility into fees, and any trading activity will occur with your explicit approval, aimed at minimizing commissions on smaller accounts.

Our approach is designed to increase the opportunity, regardless of your age or investment stage, for you to receive personalized guidance and transparent fee structures that prioritize your financial goals and well-being.

<strong>You Deserve Financial Planning, not just Investment Advice</strong>

You Deserve Financial Planning, not just Investment Advice

At Full Cup Financial, we offer a broad financial planning strategy  that encompasses the six key areas of financial management outlined by the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®). Our approach includes investment management, retirement planning, risk management, debt management, tax planning and estate planning, providing a broad view of your financial landscape. We leverage our personal resources and expertise in collaboration with a network of CPAs and estate attorneys, in an effort to ensure that your financial plan is thorough and tailored to your needs. Alternatively, we can work with your existing professionals, with your discretion and preferences, in pursuing your financial goals.

You Deserve to be an Investor (no matter who you are).

Our aim is to extend our reach, not erect barriers. Giving generously of our time, even when it's not directly profitable, is fundamental to who we are.

We adhere to a "30 minutes for anyone" policy — whether someone seeks our services or not, we strive to leave them better off than before we met.

Please refrain from labeling us solely as a investment advisory firm. We're dedicated to both managing and creating wealth, and we want everyone to feel welcome to seek our assistance. As stewards of our community and our clients' communities, we're committed to giving back.

This approach is integral to our identity, and we value clients who share our commitment to serving others. If this resonates with you, we look forward to connecting. If not, no worries—we may not be the right fit.

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